Ghost town

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You may have noticed a lack of posts over the past few days. And by “you”, I mean absolutely no one. So yeah, that’s why I can’t be arsed to write anything; no one reads it. Doesn’t seem to be any point in updating a blog no one follows, so…

Time to disappear.

Smartestbomb, out.


Faceless farce

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So I’ve checked out some of the media surrounding this Slenderman stuff. Namely the ones people seem to hold in high regard; Marble Hornets, Tribe Twelve, Just Another Fool etc. I guess I understand the appeal – this Slenderman is more intimidating than most horror movie antagonists. But the thing that perplexes me is how involved people seem to get. I mean, I know these things are “ARGs”, so you’re supposed to pretend to be into it, but it’s kinda worrying when people seem REALLY into it. Either I can’t tell when people are acting, or some people actually think this thing is real.


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Recorded this yesterday.

Can’t help but be in awe of thunder.

For the record

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The blog name is a quote from Fallout 3, my undisputed favourite game of all time. I’ve started new games on Fallout more than 20 times and I have a different experience every time. There’s still content I haven’t discovered.

Guess it says something about a person when their preferred escapism is existential dread…

Lame but mandatory

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Time for a little “about me”.

I’m a punk. The majority of what I listen to is punk music, and I just can’t help but see it as being inherently better than other genres. Punk fashion is damn fun too.

I’m a vegan. I’m not here to preach at anyone – that’s not how I roll – just stating the facts.

I’m a musician. Bass, guitar, drums, any other instrument you give me enough time with. Bass is my primary instrument, and I’m well-documented as being pretty competitive about it. Don’t take kindly to being upstaged.

I can’t be bothered to think of any other defining traits of mine, given that it’s not even 9AM yet. Hopefully this has given you a brief glance at my ego character. For now.

Catch you later!

You know the drill…

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Closet narcissist posts on Facebook but finds it to be too “other people” oriented. So here I am to talk about myself and ignore everyone else. Let’s do this.